Modern Drainage Management Platform

The UtilityTrack software is designed to offer our clients an effective solution for managing, storing, backing up, and sharing stormwater and sewer data collected during work. Utility Track provides a range of special features to enhance asset management.

Cloud-Based Solution

UtilityTrack provides instant access to all asset data from any internet-connected device, including phones, tablets, and PCs.

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Data Collection

Logging data, capturing photos, and recording work is as easy as touching the asset and selecting the appropriate tool from the pop-up menu

The pit/pipe layout is fully editable in the field, with updates instantly reflected in all field and office views.

Custom forms simplify data entry, reducing errors.

Compatibility with third party CCTV inspection software, including WinCan, allows for easy import of CCTV data.

Assets are colour-coded for efficient progress tracking by both field and office staff.

Job Tracking and Reporting

As the system is GIS-based and updated in real-time, UtilityTrack facilitates efficient work coordination between contractors and asset owners. Survey results can be instantly viewed upon completion, with color-coding updated accordingly. This leads to:

  • No overlap between crews
  • No need to merge datasets between crews
  • Consistent data collection, as gaps are instantly visible
  • Real-time visibility of progress and results (data and photos)
  • Daily email updates on production and cost progress
  • Swift flagging of silting issues for follow-up.
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